Posting Guidelines

While posting on WOWS Karma, we expect you to follow these Guidelines, to ensure that this place remains a clean space, and gives fair chances to all users.

  1. 1. No excessive toxicity

    We understand people may get heated in the middle of a game, but try to maintain a respectful, factual account of what happened when posting. Please avoid personal attacks, name-calling, hate-speech, cursing, or low effort insults in posts.

  2. 2. No shitposting/low-effort posts

    When writing a post, it is helpful to everyone to include WHY the player is good/bad.

    Do not just say “He’s good”, but say “He’s good because he spotted the DD, he dropped fighters, he capped, etc”.
    Do not just say “He sucks”, but say “He TKed our Shima and then he cursed at us in chat for not doing what he wanted”.

    Post content usually includes battle details and details about player decisions, but may also include player behavior outside of battle.

    • This also applies to posts that only compliment/criticize a player’s position on the scoreboard or the amount of xp he/she earned.
    • Submitting posts that are duplicates of another post without sufficient reasoning, such as players being in a division, is considered plagiarism and low-effort. This includes copying your own posts.
    • Off-topic posts that don't relate to the player's performance, teamplay, or courtesy are considered low-effort.
    • Please provide sufficient reasoning or evidence if accusing someone of being a bot, buying/using another account, cheating, or any other severe infringement to Wargaming's TOS.

  3. 3. No criticism of player stats.

    Following Wargaming’s policy on statshaming, any comments relating to player stats, outside of ship analytical purposes, are forbidden on this platform. Statistics or hidden statistics are accessible through WOWS Numbers for everyone to see, and as such, are not a necessary component of a post. As a transient metric, statistics do not reflect a player’s potential. It should focus on what they can be, not what they are now.

    This non-exhaustively includes:

    • Criticizing one’s win-rate. There is no exception.
    • Criticizing one’s PR when irrelevant or without context.
    • Criticizing one’s no. of battles or choice of ship when irrelevant or without context.
    • Criticizing one’s hidden stats when irrelevant or without context.

  4. 4. No Sock-puppeting (Use your own account)

    Do not use an alt account to post on other people’s pages. Patterns of abuse of this rule are subject to sitewide ban.

  5. 5. No statistical fraud

    For example:
    If your posting account has no games past T4, yet you’re saying that someone “drove their Yamato straight into the cap and died”, it is clear you weren’t in game with them, and/or you’re not using your own account.
    (See Post Guideline #3 above.)

  6. 6. Use the Post Flairs properly

    Performance, Teamplay and Courtesy flairs exist for a reason.
    If someone is a bad player but says nothing in chat, don’t click negative for Courtesy, just do so for Gameplay. This is important to create depth and value in ratings.

    Strictly-Neutral posts are considered to be informative, and thus do not necessarily need to be related to the player’s performance, teamplay, or courtesy.

  7. 7. Provide valid evidence

    All posts require that the poster upload evidence in the form of replays or relevant screenshots/videos. Please use the built-in replay upload function to upload a relevant replay. This is to confirm that the poster has been in the battle with the player being written about and to confirm chat logs. Posts that describe the player’s in-game gameplay, teamplay, or courtesy requires evidence.

    Some exceptions to be noted:

    • Posts that describe the player’s courtesy outside of the game do not require replay evidence.
    • Neutral posts that neither compliment nor report a player.

    Sites such as Imgur can be used to upload graphical evidence, should replay evidence not be applicable.
    To shorten your links to usable sizes, you can use NSYS Cutter.

  8. 8. Post in English if possible

    To make the moderator’s job easier, we encourage you to post in English. The Moderation team will try to understand posts in other languages to the best of their abilities and do have Community Managers that speak other languages, but translating posts may lead to misunderstandings, and subsequent post edits or deletion.

  9. 9. No provocation (ex turpi causa)

    Posts involving negative behavior resulting from provocation from its author may not be taken as valid evidence, and risks subsequent removal.

    This non-exhaustively includes:

    • Negative behavior in chat by a player, when author first exhibited the same behaviour.
    • Player-led gamethrowing or inactivity, after provoked by the author.

All of the above Guidelines are enforced by consensus of our Community Managers.
Any Post made on WOWS Karma vows full agreement and compliance herein, and adequate sanctions will be taken against users infringing on these Guidelines.
Posts that violate the guidelines below may be subject to edits or deletions. Repeated violations may lead to suspension or a sitewide ban.